Veri Labs

Veri Labs is specialised in web3 native compliance services.

Veri, asset level compliance for compliance crypto

kycDAO, composable compliance for the decentralized infrastructure stack


The crypto markets enabled innovation at an unprecedented pace, increasingly blurring the line between web2 and web3; regulation of the markets is intensifying; and the quest to establish trust is foundational. Crypto, tokens, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) are part of the consciousness, yet to many mainstream communities, “crypto” has a tarnished reputation. Scams, rug-pulls, and hacks seriously deteriorated trust in "crypto". Confusion over what it means to be “CeFi” or “DeFi” and educational gaps have, hindered the real scale of adoption and growth. The next cycle in crypto will center around trust. Web3 has matured along with its recognition from a niche sub-culture to pop culture-level fame and from obscure forum entries to the desks of regulators and institutional investors. Contrary to the early days of blockchains, solving for trust is imperative can be a competitive advantage. The untapped opportunity of trust will be at the forefront of the next cycle and beyond for mature, thoughtful leaders in the web3 space, building for a better tomorrow. The opportunities are limitless when we solve pseudonymous trust and bridge the real and the metaverse.